November 2015

animated explainer videos

Animated videos are all the rage. From Hollywood blockbusters to shorts on TV and online, they're everywhere. It turns out they're also a great medium for telling stories and sharing ideas. At one time they were difficult to make, requiring a lot of technical and graphics skills. Now, though, you can find many cloud-based programs that make it easy for anyone to create a great animation....

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One way to understand why one video gets thousands (or more!) views and others are virtually ignored is to figure out what makes people watch. What is it that motivates them to tune in? You can imagine many organisations are studying those types of questions quite enthusiastically. Google is one of them. They have come up with a matrix of categories for why people watch the...

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Video used to be a novelty. A nice to have, or something special to enhance your marketing. Those days passed a while ago, and now video is the norm almost everywhere.  If you Google for advice about video marketing and how often you should do it, you'll find a lot of results for social media. These days, along with asking how frequently you should post blogs, tweets, or...

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sharing videos

It's November already. Isn't it amazing how fast the time can sneak up on you and suddenly you have a whole new holiday season to prep for? This year, you should definitely have video on your to-do list. And that video had better work on mobile devices. Mobile and video by the numbers You already know that mobile usage is growing fast (you'd have to live under a...

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