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3 Ways Live Streaming Can Help Meet the Religious Needs of 4 Generations

prayer_candlesReligious organisations want to expand the size of their congregations. Technology can be an important part of how they reach out to people.

Although the same technological solution might solve numerous challenges, it may be used in different ways depending on the age group of the target audience.

Live streaming is one example of a technology that can be used differently yet achieve the same result…reaching more people.

Four Generations

There are differences of opinion on the exact dates associated with the generation subsets of the current population. Nevertheless, there’s a general consensus on who they are:

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The people in these groups are at completely different stages in their lives. This means they have very different needs.

How Live Streaming Can Connect with Every Generation

Here are three examples of how live streaming and other online technologies can be used to connect with every age group:

  1. Mature audiences and baby boomers may prefer to attend services in person in the more traditional way of practicing their religion. However, as they age, sometimes it’s impossible for them to physically attend their place of worship. Live streaming services over the Internet is a way of staying in touch with those who can no longer make it to the service and participate in person.
  2. Generation X, along with generation Y, are used to having things where they want it and available to them at any time. They grew up with the Internet and have become dependent on it. By using live streaming, video on demand, and social media it is easy to bring the worship service to them whether it’s on the ski slopes, in their bedroom or wherever they may hang out. These groups have the highest amount of people using social media to stay connected, network and build relationships. A religious group needs to remain active on these platforms if they are to reach younger people.
  3. Because of the increased use of the Internet to find information, people of all ages are doing research before they try something. Going online and sampling religious services that are live streamed or archived on the web will help them find the right religious organisation without stepping one foot into the facility.   Leveraging this digital technology can result in increased membership and a stronger community.

Technology is changing quickly, so if religious groups wish to remain current, engaged and relevant, they must change as well. To extend their reach to all different age brackets, these groups can offer various solutions so their members and potential members remain interested. One of the key solutions to reach people of all ages is through live streaming.

If you are interested in learning more about using live streaming to reach more people, contact us using the form below or click here for more detail on how religious organisations can benefit from video and audio streaming.

Oliver Burt

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