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Ready to watch 36 million years of HD video?

No? Well, it was a trick question of sorts. There really isn’t a 36 million year long video. But it’s predicted that in 2015, the amount of traffic sent over the Internet will be one Zettabyte. And since it’s really impossible to imagine how much data that really is, some clever people converted it into terms we’ll all understand: HD video. One Zettabyte equals one HD video that’s 36 million years long.

Though, personally I still find the concept of an HD video that long absolutely mind boggling. But that’s just one of the facts on a great infographic put together by about the Internet. Here’s another number: 2.9 billion people are now on the Internet. That adds up to about 40% of the entire world population. It’s getting downright crowded isn’t it?

I also find it amazing that the Internet works at all – really. It started off just as a group of loosely connected networks and has grown, often in an ad hoc way, to become central to many of our lives (albeit in different aspects). There are companies out there working to improve, reinforce, extend, and rebuild it where needed.

So this blog is all about how amazing the Internet is and how staggering the statistics are on how much we use it. There would be no PlanetStream if it weren’t for the Internet’s capability to share video around the world, or the millions of people that watch video over the Internet.

When you look at the infographic below, just try to imagine what these numbers actually mean in terms of people, and what they are doing to generate all that data. Also take a moment to appreciate how amazing it is that the Internet is able to handle it all without any issues. For the most part anyway. Which of the statistics do you find most surprising?

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You will find more statistics at Statista

Oliver Burt

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