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Will Apple Watch make wearables cool?

apple watch wearablesWearables, as in wearable technology, have been the subject of conversations and speculation for years now. Many companies have entered the market with limited, and mixed, success. But generally speaking, the biggest downfall of wearables so far is, well, they just aren’t that fashionable. Google Glass is probably the epitome of the example of how not to look cool. But other attempts at wearables have also been criticised for being bulky or just plain ugly.

Enter Apple. After years of rumors about an “iWatch” the company finally announced the product line last autumn. But it wasn’t until the Apple event on March 9th that I’d say the Apple watch frenzy began. About an hour after the event ended I checked my Twitter feed. Virtually every single post was about the Apple Watch. Literally. I had to search hard to find one that wasn’t and even then it was a promoted Tweet.

Then on April 10th, the initial stock of Apple Watches sold out almost immediately. Reports say the delivery dates of April 24 quickly slipped well into June. Granted Apple had warned there would be limited supply initially. So was there a flood of people trying to order the watch or were there so few to begin with supplies ran out fast.

Apple doesn’t reveal specific numbers, but a research firm in California estimated 1.2 million Watches were ordered the first day of pre-orders in the US. The company is fairly new and relies on indirect data and statistics based on the people in its network. They are confident in their numbers, but unless Apple decides to comment specifically we may never know.

But beyond the estimated sales and Twitter activity, I’ve seen coverage of the Watch everywhere. News stories on the TV, printed in the local newspapers, even as a topic on talk shows. No one ever paid that much attention to the Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Of course, we’ll all just have to wait and see how the Apple Watch catches on, but if they live up to the hype, Apple might actually make wearables cool. At least if it has an Apple logo.

Oliver Burt

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