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Bandwidth Required For On Demand Video Streaming

I thought I’d add an explanation of Bandwidth and its relation to Live and On-Demand Video Streaming, as I’ve been asked by a few customers about it, how to calculate bandwidth required and how it impacts on them.

When we mention ‘bandwidth’, we are referring to the amount of information/data that can be sent over a network in a given period of time. The amount of bandwidth that you use will depend upon:

a) How many streaming visitors you get to your site.
b) How many streams you have on your site.
c) How many visitors play those streams.
d) What bandwidth levels users connect at (modem / broadband)

Obviously music and entertainment sites with frequently updated audio and video content attract people who are likely to want to play media clips, whereas websites catering for specialised interests groups will not be as demanding on bandwidth usage.

Due to this we have a range of different pricing models for you to choose between and if necessary change between on a monthly basis. We suggest that you sign up for a standard package, and analyse your statistics for three months to gauge your exact requirements, then change the account if necessary.

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Oliver Burt

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