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Why Your Business Needs to be Using Online Video

online video for business growthWhat is one key to successful marketing?

Go where your customers are.

So where are they? In the UK, over 84% of the population was online in 2012. And over 51% of those users accessed it with a mobile device.

Given these trends, businesses are jumping into online marketing despite a still struggling economy. According to a recent study by eMarketer, digital ad spending will top £8B by 2017.

And one of the key trends in the study is the massive growth of video in digital ads. By 2017 businesses will be spending more than triple the current amount on video. This goes along with the prediction that UK users who watch online video once per month will grow from 34.4 to 40 million over the same time period.

The result? As users give more of their time to online or mobile video, businesses are pouring their advertising dollars into video advertising.

Is your business using online video yet?

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Oliver Burt

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