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How Can Live Streaming Help Religious Organisations Deal with CEOs in the Audience?

streaming services for churchesWhen CEOs attend services…
sometimes they can create challenges for those in charge.

No, no, no…not the head of the company kind of CEO. What CEO stands for in this context is, Christmas and Easter Only attendees.

Every religion has special celebrations of some kind that attract non-regular attendees. These infrequent guests are not bad or unwanted by any stretch of the imagination. They are welcome assets to the organisation. In fact, many of them are potential new members.

However, it’s tough to make room for all of the extra bodies on those special religious occasions when the congregation can double or triple in size. Building a facility to house the additional people in attendance doesn’t make sense from a financial perspective. Especially if it only happens a couple of times a year.

Instead of actually building a physical addition, there are other alternatives. Ones that can handle the CEO’s as well as the regular members and make everyone feel as if they are a valued part of the celebration.

Live streaming is the answer to this challenge…

When there is a need for additional capacity to handle the overflow during significant religious activities, live streaming over the Internet can be an inexpensive way to fix the problem.

The dining area, classrooms, or reception area can be turned into a temporary theatre-like environment where attendees can view the service as if they were in the main sanctuary. A large screen can be placed up front for all to see and the program delivered live, as it happens.

If there is no other room in the facility large enough to serve the additional crowd, then the service can be streamed to another location such as a school hall or gym. These other locations can be configured to resemble the original place of worship, so no one feels left out.

The service can take place as originally planned, and the message delivered to the expanded audience. When the “CEOs” see how willing a church is to make them feel a part of the flock on these special occasions, they just might turn around and start attending regularly.

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Oliver Burt

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