Digital Rights Management

drm digital rights management

The great thing about the Internet is how easy it is to find content, and to share it. But with that easy access comes a darker side - piracy. Copyrighted content is copied then given away free or even sold by those that stole it. As a result, the original creator has their work devalued and never receives compensation for the stolen content. Of course...

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secure streaming options

You've created great content, or are planning to stream a live event. You only want certain people to see it and you're wondering how to make sure no one else gets their hands on it. You're not alone. Everyone from big name studios such as Warner Bros to individuals posting just for family wants to protect their intellectual property or ensure their privacy. Whatever your reason is, there...

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Many of us turn to Netflix, Hulu, or LoveFilm when we want to watch movies online. And while it appears we're watching via a browser, in reality we're often using an online application. And there's a different application for every device. You may have noticed that if you've used Netflix on a Wii, then your desktop computer, and your iPhone. Each of them has a...

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