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Confessions of a video streaming blogger

Confessions of a video streaming bloggerI’ve never been crazy about watching online videos. At least not ones used for marketing.  I write about video marketing all the time. I’ve created scripts and the videos themselves. But in my own explorations online I always avoided watching video if I could. I’m a text person I guess. I’d rather read a web page, or skim it really, than have to sit through a whole video to get to the point.

But something happened recently to make me realise I was wrong to feel that way. Well, at least in many situations. Here’s what happened: I was checking out a website offering a service to businesses that advertise online. The website claimed the service consolidated all a business’s online advertising used to drive traffic to business websites. The website about the service looked well designed, but even with some screenshots, the text they used to describe their service just didn’t explain what they did well enough. I found myself wanting to see what they did, but I wasn’t willing to pay to see it by signing up for an account.

Alas, there wasn’t a single video on their website. I even Googled to see if they had any videos up on YouTube. I didn’t find any. That’s when it hit me. I really do like video on websites. In this case I desperately wanted a video demonstration, even a 30 second one to understand what this service did. As it was, I couldn’t decide if it was worth the money or the time to try it. I’m sure a video would have helped immensely.

Apparently a lot of B2B buyers figured this all out before me though. A recent study revealed that 59% of executives (B2B decision makers) will watch a video even when a text version is available. And 80% of them also say they watch more video than they did a year ago.

So if you’re in the business of selling to other businesses, not using video on your website isn’t an option anymore. Just make sure the videos have a purpose and help buyers understand your products or services.

Oliver Burt

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