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Events and video marketing make a perfect pair

Every year in July, comic book and movie fans congregate in San Diego for the massively popular Comic-Con International. The event attracts 130,000 fans from around the world and hundreds of news and media outlets. If you wanted to let people know about something you’re making in the genre of comics, fantasy or science fiction films, this would be the place to announce it don’t you think?

Perfect timing

It indeed was perfect timing for Warner Bros. They released special Comic-Con versions of two trailers of upcoming film releases (‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’) to a primed audience as well as hundreds of media outlets at the same time. The effect must have been even better than they’d hoped (but of course there’s no official comment on that).

The two trailers racked up 82 million views on YouTube in just 15 days. You might not think that would be too unusual for this type of film since the studios promote their trailers like crazy. But that’s what is different in this case. Most of the traffic to the videos was generated by fans sharing the videos on social media. Those Comic-Con fans kicked it all off after seeing the trailers at the event, the news outlets wrote articles about them, and other online sources picked up the trail and posted the videos practically everywhere.

According to ReelSEO, Warner Bros hasn’t spent a whole lot on paid promotion for these trailers. The success of these trailers is mostly accountable to the fans and media attention they received at the event. And of course, the fact that they are really pretty cool trailers for their movies helps as well. Check them out if you aren’t one of the millions that already has.

How you can do it too

If your industry has a similar gathering, plan to use similar tactics. Create a special release video (not an exact repeat of video you already have) for the event. Make sure it’s appealing to your audience as well as newsworthy so the attending press will write about what they saw.

Not every organisation has such an event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same approach. Here are a couple more examples where showing the right video to the right audience could produce amazing results.

Corporate initiatives

Many corporations have annual meetings, employee gatherings or other company-wide events. They are often filled with presentations and PowerPoint briefings leaving the attendees feeling lunch was the best part of the event.

video streaming live eventsBut when the company has an important initiative that needs to get the employees attention, try using a fun, energetic, or visually stimulating video instead (to wake them up from their lunch coma). For example, you may want to generate interest in a new initiative, recruit people to a new location, or get volunteers for the company’s environmental efforts. A video could easily make any of those look like an amazing opportunity for an employee (if created that way).

In addition, the video could also be used for outreach outside the company. Or if you have members of the press attend the event to help get the word out, then they will have something more to say, and to share (if appropriate). Obviously a lot will depend on whether the event is for in-house consumption only or if it’s open to a wider audience.

Chances are though, an introduction to the initiative in this way will make a larger impact on the employees than an email announcement or even just showing it to small groups. The more people talking about it the better right?

Religious gatherings

Many times throughout the year people meet to celebrate their religion or to support their religious community. But people often give much of their time or money already, so it might be hard to ask for more when it’s needed.

These types of gatherings are a great time to share a video about your organisation that also includes “trailers” of what you are looking to do in the future. For example, you might be starting a new donation drive following the event. The video can show the members what you do with the donations and how many people they can help. Including interviews with the people, or showing the improvements in buildings, or however the money is used helps people feel good about donating more money.

It may be that you need volunteers for the next trip to a developing nation to build houses, deliver livestock, or help provide clean water. Videos showing the destination and the people being helped might just get you more volunteers than you need.

Even though you can share this type of information via email, social media, or mention it in services, there’s something special in the air when the community comes together for these events. Sharing your requests or ideas in video can help make the moment even better, and leave a stronger impression.

Plan ahead

I know I probably made the process seem simple and easy in the descriptions above, but in reality they take a lot of planning. Only you know your organisation well enough to decide which initiatives they will respond to well. Still, a gathering of all the specific types of people you need in one place is a perfect time to reach them all and start something incredible. Video can help you do that.

Once you know when your event will be, choose what topic you think would be best for the video (you can do more than one of course, that’s up to you!). Then make a schedule to ensure you have time to create the video. If you need help understanding what you need to make a successful video, how to host it or stream it for your event feel free to contact us using the live chat button. You’ll also find helpful information in previous blog posts.

Oliver Burt

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