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More evidence online video is the present and future of the Internet user experience

online videoIf I had to guess which countries watch the most online video, I would guess the US, UK, Canada, followed by a list of western European countries. But I’d be wrong. Well at least partially wrong.

New research conducted in June 2014 shows the country with the highest “video penetration” is South Korea. The consultancy group TNS surveyed Internet users who were active online at least weekly, and 96% of those in South Korea said they watch video on a regular basis. Video is defined as any kind of online video regardless of the length or purpose. A thirty second YouTube clip counted the same as watching a full length movie.

The UK ranks 9th in the study with 79.9% penetration. The US ranks 10th with 78.4%.

Spain, Italy and Mexico ranked second, third and fourth and all had over 90% video penetration.

This study offers proof of how important online video is because countries with relatively few Internet users were among the highest consumers of video. Italy for example, isn’t even in the top fifty countries with the highest Internet penetration rate (calculated as the percentage of the population with access to the Internet according to Yet they are the third country listed in terms of video penetration (percentage of weekly Internet users that watch video online).

Spain is 49th out of the top 50 countries with the highest Internet penetration, but is second in terms of video in the TNS study. South Korea is 17th out of top 50 countries, and number one in video penetration.

Even in countries with less Internet access, those who do have access watch video. And a lot of it.

As more people come online across the globe, video consumption is set to skyrocket. Are you ready for the video driven Internet? A great place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions – read about the basics.

Oliver Burt

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