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Where to find the perfect voice over for your streaming video

voice overs in streaming videosYou’ve got a great concept for your video. The script is done and you’re about ready to get started. But you aren’t excited about doing the voice overs yourself. Or maybe you don’t have the right type of voice, accent, language, or gender for your video. So where can you look to find someone to do the video voice over?

Like anything, there are a variety of different places to go depending on your budget and schedule. But I’ve put together this short list of places to try that can suit any budget.

  • If you haven’t heard of it yet, Fiverr is a global services marketplace where you can get just about any kind of service for just $5 (yes, the site only accepts U.S. dollars, but their payment system will convert between currencies). I’ve used them for eBook covers, website headers, and a variety of other small tasks. If you search the site for “voice overs” you’ll get over 600 service providers to choose from. There are all kinds of people, voice types, languages, and styles. If you do decide to use Fiverr, make sure you have a good idea of the type of person/voice you want, then check the reviews and ratings. While there are some good service providers working so cheaply, there are also many that aren’t that great.
  • A service site similar to Fiverr, Voicebunny focuses only on voice acting and voice overs. The pricing is much higher as well, running at least 20 times more than Fiverr. But the site is designed with patented algorithms to help you find just the right voice for your project based on criteria you provide. And you have the option of auditioning multiple people for a fixed fee. I stumbled upon this voice over project created by The project was completed well over a year ago, but the end result is still available publically. Just click on the play button underneath the “Full Reads” section of the page (scroll down a little). It’s a good example of how a project can work with Voicebunny.
  • Ask a production company. If you’re working with a video production company for your video you may have already asked them for resources, but if not, chances are they know at least a few people you can contact. They may even offer the services in house, though you’ll obviously have less choice of voices than you will with one of the online solutions. If you want to be sure to have someone local, Google production companies in your area (or better yet check out our directory here) and give them a ring. What voice overs will cost with this approach is impossible to say as it depends on who you ask.
  • Maybe you know someone. Think hard about the people you know. Is there anyone that fits the type of voice you’re looking for? Maybe someone you know might know just the right person. Even if they aren’t a professional voice actor, they might be willing to read your script just for the fun of it. Maybe you’ll inspire them to start a new career as a voice actor! I have a colleague whose voice is the deepest, smoothest, most heartfelt you can possibly imagine. I met him at a writer’s conference. Since then I’ve been at several more conferences with him and every single time at least one person told him he had a “radio voice”. Finally he listened. He still writes, but now he also has found success doing video voice overs. If your neighbour, brother-in-law, teacher, or co-worker is the perfect fit, then ask! It just might turn out amazing.

With all the available resources, there’s no excuse for not having a great voice over to match your great video. Are there any resources I didn’t include you would recommend? Please share them in the comments.

Oliver Burt

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