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3 Fun Internet and video facts for the holiday

fun internet factsWhether you’re resting up from the holiday festivities yesterday, or out rushing through the crowds for Boxing Day deals, you’ll probably spend a moment or two with your new tablet, smartphone or computer. So I’ve put together this rather short list of fun and interesting facts to help keep you occupied while waiting in line, or avoiding the clean-up.

  1. Way back when the World Wide Web was still young and crazy, an all-girl comedy band entertained engineers and family at CERN. Yes, that’s the same CERN that discovered the Higgs boson particle and could potentially create miniature black holes. But I’m digressing. The Les Horribles Cernettes have gone on to play other venues, mostly to scientists, but they also hold the enviable status of having posted the first image on the web. Their original website was hand coded in HTML. There were no web development tools or programs yet. You can still see their website today too. It’ll take you back about twenty years when you see it. Or if you were too young to be on the web that long ago, you’ll cringe to see what we all had to put up with for websites. Take a look at it here and read about the band and the inspiration for the image.
  2. It’s been almost 10 years since the founders of YouTube posted their first video. So in all that time, what is the one video with the most views in the world? It’s impossible to be absolutely certain because of the many different services existing today from private streaming providers like PlanetStream to the giant YouTube. But it is probably a safe bet to say it is Gangham Style by Psy. It currently has over 2 billion views on YouTube according to their own rankings. The second most popular video of all time on YouTube is a Justin Bieber song with just over 1 billion. I don’t think any video will catch up soon. Would you have guessed Gangham Style? I wouldn’t, but now I’ll never underestimate the power of a good dance song.
  3. Many of us take the Internet for granted. In many respects though, it still feels like something new. It’s constantly evolving, which keeps it interesting and leaves us feeling we don’t know it that well. But still we rely on it for common tasks such as shopping. So I wondered how long, exactly, has it been around? Fortunately there’s a website for that: As of today, the Internet is 8543 days old. Or more accurately, the World Wide Web is that old. The technology behind the web is much older at 16551 days. It was in the mid-1980s, or around 10,900 days ago, I was connecting to the Internet (pre-web) with a dial up modem at 300 baud and loving it. I don’t miss those days one bit (pun intended).

What’s your favourite fun or interesting fact about the Internet or online video?

Oliver Burt

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