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What’s the most important feature of a CDN? Good news, we have it.

cdn featuresWhat’s the most important feature of a CDN? Most organisations that stream a lot of video know the value of a content delivery network (CDN). But what is the most important feature for the most critical video content? That was one of the questions in a survey conducted by They asked more than 1,100 people about their personal video consumption habits and their professional streaming needs when it came to CDNs.

The results of the survey indicated that the ability to stream to multiple screens and multiple devices was the number one feature they needed from a CDN. If you look at the makeup of the devices today’s video consumers use, it isn’t hard to see why companies are looking for ways to ensure their content works on all devices and screen sizes.

On a follow up question, respondents said their main limiting factor for CDN use was price control. Companies are trying to find the ability to stream to everyone, on every device without breaking their budgets.

We’ve got great news. At PlanetStream we’re able to help you stream to every device and every screen. Whether you’re streaming live or on demand, our player can use device detection and provide the proper video size and format for any device. It’s an easy to use feature that takes much of the burden of a multi-device video delivery off your shoulders. What’s even better is you can get this “most important” feature, along with a host of others, with the clearest and most unsurprising pricing structure you’ll find in a CDN.

You’ll always know just what you’ll spend for your service on PlanetStream. You’ll never see hidden fees or charges suddenly appearing on your account.  If you’re a company looking to find a CDN that fits these features and pricing, then chat with us, email or call  01905 672593. We’ve got the features, the pricing, and we’re here to help.

Oliver Burt

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