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During the course of my working week, I read many articles relating to the world of streaming. I was talking on the phone to a client on Monday about internet radio, and decided to do a little research on facts, figures and trends – I thought I’d share some of them with you:

As general connectivity to the internet becomes faster and more established, and with the advent of wireless broadband and public access to wireless hotspots increases, the old issues that used to limit the use of internet are no longer relevant, resulting in more and more listeners tuning in – an estimated 43 million people in the United States are regular weekly listeners of internet radio, and that number is set to increase in the near future.

Internet radio has a broad appeal, from commercial stations to niche and special interests – just Google whatever pops into you head and its more than likely a specialist internet radio station is broadcasting it! There appears to also be a particular appeal to ex-pats and travellers who want to listen to their favourite stations from back home.

A great advantage to Internet radio is that it can be used for listening to local radio stations in areas with poor reception, such as office buildings – It can be played through a wide variety of standalone software programs or applications that open inside web browsers.

PlanetStream offer packages specifically designed to be used for internet radio stations. If you are looking to launch your own Internet Radio Station and want to know more, you can email [email protected], call me on 01905 672593, or write a comment to this post.

Oliver Burt

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