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Lessons from a coffee blogger

video marketing explained by coffee bloggerOne of the biggest factors in the success of your video marketing is whether or not your content, format, and message resonates with your target audience. There are many online videos and even TV adverts that leave me wondering “What was that marketing team thinking?” Often they are well made, but just have me raising an eyebrow in confusion, dismay or amusement (not in the good sense of the word).

Apparently, those ads weren’t created for me. But who did the marketers have in mind when they made it, and was that really the right thing for their audience? Of course, I won’t ever know. But it got me thinking about a conversation I had with a fellow copywriter, blogger and teacher of sorts.

The man, I’ll call him Neil, supplemented his professional income with a specialty website. It was all about coffee. Neil, an ex-pat living in Canada, fell in love with the drink. He also knew there were millions of people who loved it too and would visit his website.

But he didn’t want just any audience. He designed all his content – written and video – for coffee connoisseurs. He wrote about rare blends, new brewing machines, and techniques to make the richest coffee. He went on happily for over a year, building a following and getting good traffic (and some income from that traffic). But with a growing following, he started to feel more responsible for the content. He wanted to make sure what he was creating for the visitors was providing value to them. They’d come back again and again that way, and his success would be assured. So he decided to survey his visitors and ask what sorts of things they wanted to see, and what it was they already knew about coffee.

So imagine his surprise when the survey results showed his visitors were almost entirely new to coffee – or at least new to being interested in finer coffee than you can get at any old shop. He was shocked actually. His content had all assumed his visitors would already know about the basics, that they only needed to see his reviews of this new blend or that new product.

It wasn’t what he had intended to do, become a place for newbies to discover the wonders of coffee. But he embraced it. The new content he created offered more basic info, more how-tos, and reviews. And that’s when things took off for him. In a really big way.

Imagine what he could have done if he’d used a survey earlier. His success could have been greater, sooner, if he just understood who it was that visited his site. And the same goes for your video marketing (and all marketing in general). Find out as much as you can about the audience you are trying to reach. Then create the video content they want, or in a way they will respond to. Then you’ll have a successful marketing video on your hands.

Oliver Burt

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