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How Live Streaming Can Help Teach Teamwork

live streaming training to develop teamworkTraining is an important part of any successful business. But it’s not just about training employees on the intricacies of their specific jobs. They also need to have a strong understanding of the overall mission of the company and to feel that they are part of the team that’s going to help the company reach its goal.

But not everyone knows how to participate in a team environment. This situation provides the opportunity for a company to step in and furnish the training tools for employees to become strong team players.

A powerful tool that can be used to communicate the corporate vision to the employee body and help develop a partnership among these people is live streaming. This is especially true when the employees are not located in the same facility. In fact, live streaming can be an integral part of building a team and creating the environment for the employees to feel a partnership with the rest of the personnel no matter where they are located.

Some companies go on team building retreats where they bring employees together so they can spend time with, bond, and get to know each other. But this isn’t always possible, affordable or necessary. The same strong feelings or emotional highs can also occur with a live streaming team-building event.

Live streaming can play a big role in creating a team environment and communicate the needs of the business without the cost of bringing everyone together physically. Through live streaming, members of the company can receive important information simultaneously and have an interactive experience with co-workers in other locations. They feel like they are a part of the team, which is incredibly important in helping develop trust and loyalty.

By using live streaming, the company can set up several locations whether it’s theatre like, individual computers, or conference rooms and live stream a meeting connecting multiple locations. The participants can interact with each other as if they are in a face-to-face situation.

In her article “How to Build Teamwork at Work”, Cynthia Myers of Demand Media, lays out a four-step process to build trust and loyalty within a work team. Those steps are:

  • Plan shared experiences
  • Start meetings with exercises that help members get to know each other
  • Involve the whole team in setting goals, tackling problems and brainstorming solutions
  • Celebrate team accomplishments

But these steps are difficult to do if the team is spread out over a town, a state, a country or the world…unless you deploy live streaming.

With the interactive capabilities of live streaming, the employees can communicate as if they are in the same location. They can take part in all four steps listed above.

Cynthia Myers also stated, “Work goes smoother when everyone involved works together as a team. Fostering teamwork among individuals with different temperaments and talents presents a challenge for many managers. But teaching employees to trust and rely on each other and to work toward a common goal can improve morale and increase productivity.”

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Working together as a team builds the strength of the organization as well as the individuals within it. Teamwork exercises and face-to-face-like encounters help achieve the company goals and build loyalty and trust. Keeping the communications strong within an organization whether they are collocated or spread around geographically is vitally important.

Through regularly scheduled meetings via live streaming, a company can communicate corporate missions and visions. More importantly they can create a team environment where employees are eager to participate and help the company meet its goals.

Oliver Burt

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