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Live Streaming for Business Coaches

Many business owners are benefiting from one-to-one coaching from Business Coaches, helping them to grow their businesses, free up their time and plan their future exit from the the business. Highly respected franchises such as Action Coaching and Ology have spearheaded this and traditionally have delivered the service via monthly face to face coaching sessions backed up with weekly telephone sessions.

This has been very successful but even better results can be achieved by increasing “face to face” contact using live video streaming. The coach can broadcast live via the internet to one or several clients and the sessions can also be archived for access later.

The equipment required is not expensive and because of the restricted number of viewers the live streaming service costs little. PlanetStream can help the coach set up the facility and once established it can be used over and over.

The same idea would work for life coaches, sales coaches, indeed any consultant or trainer conducting regular sessions with clients. For an example of a site making good use of this technique take a look at:

Oliver Burt

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