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We’re looking for a few good video production companies

video production companiesVideo streaming is increasing at an unbelievable pace. According to Cisco, in 2018 there will be enough video crossing global networks each month that it would take you five million years to watch all of it. And that’s just the video from one month.

As people watch more video, their expectations of the video they see are increasing too. More and more people, businesses, and organisations will be turning to professional video production companies to ensure their content is up to snuff.

They will also expect a production company to have the ability to offer live and on demand streaming of any video produced. Moreover, the video will need to work on every device and on any kind of website (WordPress, HTML5, Joomla or others).

Behind the scenes of online streaming is a lot of technical web stuff. Ensuring compatibility and quality of the streamed video is a full time profession. As a video production company you may or may not have the technical skills to manage the web aspects of streaming. But even if you do, it may not be the most productive use of your time. You know how to produce great video, and we want you to be able to focus on your business and let us help with your streaming services.

That’s why we’re looking to partner up with UK video production companies to offer online streaming services for their clients. We offer these great features to our partners:

  • The fastest content delivery network for streaming anywhere in the world
  • Streaming that works on smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • A fully brandable player for you to use (clients never know we exist)
  • Affordable pricing allowing you to make a profit
  • Trusted partners get featured in our video directory and are on top of the referral list

How do you become a trusted partner?

When you sign up to use services, let us know you’re a video production company. We’ll get you listed in our video production directory and help you complete your profile.  Once your profile is complete you’ll receive a six star rating in the directory indicating you are now a trusted partner delivering excellent video production services as well as online streaming services with PlanetStream.

Give us a call on 01905 672593 today or click on the chat to find out more.

Oliver Burt

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