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Make your mark with white label video streaming services

DEPOSIT_september_032Tomorrow starts the New Year. And along with a new year often comes a new list of projects. For many organisations and universities, perhaps even you, those projects include adding or improving their streaming services. While many will turn to public services like YouTube or Vimeo, if you’re interested in looking truly professional consider using white label services from PlanetStream.

Service providers such as event planners, video production companies, IT hosting companies, and conference centres can use the white label services to put their brand front and centre of every video they stream for clients. They can even host on their own URLs for a complete set of branding. The increase in visibility could potentially lead to more business, and a very profitable 2014.

IT service and hosting companies also have the option of a white labelled backend. When customers login they will see their hosting or IT company’s brand and never know the streaming services are being provided by another company. This process is called “reselling” and is another great way to expand your business in the coming year.

Universities can also use our white label services to provide live or on-demand streaming of lectures without distracting public company branding or advertisements. The look and feel of the player the students see can easily match the school – the logos, URLs, and colouring. Another example would be streaming of school sporting events with the school’s logo or motto clearly displayed on the player. This can keep your university’s name and school spirit top of mind of alumni, especially when it comes time to request donations.

Beyond these features of our white label service, with PlanetStream you also get the following benefits:

  • The technical know-how to help you get started,
  • A robust infrastructure capable of supporting many concurrent viewers,
  • Affordable pricing to keep resellers competitive in the market,
  • Great customer service.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a white label service can do for you, how much it costs, and how to get started give us a ring at 01905 672593 or fill out our enquiry form at the bottom of the web page.

Oliver Burt

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