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Media Agencies: Choosing how to stream your media

media agenciesMedia agencies know how to produce great content. But how media is consumed is changing. eMarketer estimates by the end of 2014 digital consumption will surpass TV viewing (42.6% vs 37.6% respectively). The increase is due almost entirely to the growth of the mobile market – tablets and smartphones combined.

The challenge then, is for media agencies to learn how to adapt to new consumer behaviour. Can your media agency easily run a campaign that works for TV and digital markets? Are you aware of the challenges in providing video to mobile devices?

Back in 2012, Facebook reported they were accessed by 7000 different kinds of mobile device every day. It’s arguable there are even more device types in 2014 due to the de-fragmentation of the Android phone market (each device provider offers its own version of Android).

So how can your agency manage delivering video to such a diverse set of viewers? You have two choices:

  • Do it all in house
  • Partner with a streaming provider to handle the delivery of your media

Let’s look at each option.

In house

At first, it might seem to make sense to have your IT department handle the technical aspect of getting your media streaming online. But in reality your IT department probably doesn’t have the expertise. In addition, an in house solution could require budget breaking investments into software, hardware and training. You can read my blog “Why Your IT Department Shouldn’t Be In Charge of Your Video Streaming” for more details on why an in house solution might not be the best idea. Though that post mostly refers to live streaming, the concepts hold true for on demand streaming as well.

A streaming provider

Choosing a streaming provider has many advantages. A good provider will have all the necessary expertise and will be willing to work with your team to get started. While there still may be some training to use the new systems, it won’t break the bank. And the total cost of choosing a streaming service as a partner is much less than creating a new department to build and manage the streaming in house. In fact, using streaming providers can be very cost effective.

And more importantly, knowing how to deliver video to the thousands of possible online devices is something you don’t need to worry about anymore. A good partner takes care of all that for you, so you can concentrate on making great media content.

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Oliver Burt

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