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Mobile ecommerce overtakes desktop ecommerce in the UK

mobile ecommerceIf you had any doubt about how important mobile ecommerce has become in retail, the latest data reported on by eMarketer should remove it. In the second quarter of 2014, UK online retailers saw more traffic from mobile devices than from desktops and laptops for the first time.

People are shopping on the go, though they are still making most of their purchases from desktop or laptops. This makes sense when you think about the user experience on most mobile devices. I find them useful to price check, or see what stores are carrying in the physical store versus what is online. But many of the mobile ecommerce websites I visit, offer limited access on the mobile websites. At least it appears that way because not all the inventory is viewable, or only a portion of the description, or reviews can be seen. I rarely make a purchase on my iPhone because I’m always suspicious there may be more I’m not able to see. I’ll hesitate to buy it until I’ve checked in store or viewed the full website on my laptop.  According to the eMarketer report, I’m not alone.

The small screen size and potentially limited bandwidth are all valid reasons buying on a mobile device isn’t the first choice for many people. One of the ways to improve the user experience, and potentially improve mobile buying rates, is to use video.

In previous blogs I’ve discussed how video can help conversion rates on landing pages and websites in general. It could be argued the mobile platform is made for video, and that video would be even more powerful when it comes to mobile shopping. Whereas traditional websites rely mostly on written descriptions and information, that just doesn’t work vey well with mobile devices. If you’re able to convey ideas more clearly and effectively with video, it could get people more emotionally involved and ready to purchase immediately.

As an online retailer, what are you doing to increase mobile ecommerce purchases? As a consumer, what would make you decide to use a mobile to make a purchase rather than wait until later?

Oliver Burt

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