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More evidence mobile video is growing

It seems a week or month doesn’t go by without more statistics to prove how fast mobile video is growing and how important it is to streaming video. Statista recently published this graphic showing that global smartphone traffic will grow amazingly fast by 2019.

Infographic: Global Smartphone Traffic to Increase Tenfold by 2019 | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Already in 2014 the traffic added up to a staggering 1.74 exabytes per month. An exabyte is the same as 1 billion gigabytes. By the end of 2015, we’ll reach just under 3 billion gigabytes or 2.96 exabytes per month. According to Statista, two factors are driving the increase in traffic: more smartphones used by more people, and more people watching video with their smartphone.

This analysis is in line with many others saying that video consumption by mobile devices is increasing and overtaking many other platforms including the traditional desktop. And I can personally see why.

Last autumn I upped the data coverage on my smartphone plan because I was working in an area without consistent Internet access. I needed to use my phone as a hotspot and didn’t want to take the chance of getting hit with overage charges. Even after that need ended, I never bothered to drop my data plan back down. Why? Because it didn’t cost that much more. And it also helps me be a happier less naggy Mom. I spend a lot of time in the car with my son, and he always wants to watch a movie on his iPad or my iPhone. I used to have to tell him he either can’t watch, or just watch a little because of our data plan. Now though, the cost for the data has plummeted so much I let him watch what he wants (I have alerts set up if we exceed too much of the data plan) and I don’t have to constantly tell him to turn it off. He’s happy, and I’m happy.

Actually, I probably have much more data available than I need even with the movies he watches…that is for now.  I’m sure many families and mobile movie lovers have similarly increased their data to watch video wherever they go. So much so we’re all streaming billions of gigabytes of video every month.

Oliver Burt

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