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5 facts video marketers need to know about multiscreen content

cdn-featuresMarketing in a digital world is crazy, and sometimes complicated. There are so many devices, screen sizes, and delivery platforms to choose from for each campaign. Enter eMarketer and their Multiscreen Usage Roundup report. Their compilation of statistics and consumer behaviour is extremely detailed and worth reading.

But for those short on time, I’ve pulled out five of the most relevant statistics and facts to discuss here in no particular order. Note that the statistics are from multiple sources (hence the “roundup” in the title). Some focus just on US numbers and behaviours, while others are global.

  1. People are watching more video on digital channels. This one isn’t a really big surprise if you’ve been following digital video over the last several years. But the raw numbers are still impressive. The digital viewing numbers include mobile, table, PC, and OTT platforms in the US. In 2011, viewers spent 21 minutes per day on digital video. In 2015 eMarketer predicts the average American will spend one hour and 16 minutes on digital video (another four and a quarter on traditional TV). Tablets saw the largest growth of viewing with 119.8% CAGR 2011-2015.
  2. There are more devices than people. The average American, age 18 and up, has 3.3 devices. Millennials have an average of four, and “Gen Z” (18-24) have 3.6. I imagine when most of them get out of university and get jobs they’ll probably have an average greater than four given they are the most technological generation yet. In contrast, seniors aged 65 and over have just two devices. So even businesses targeting the older generations need to consider multiscreen content!
  3. Tablets, tablets, tablets. Despite reports of lagging iPad sales and virtually everyone predicting tablet sales growth will slow to a crawl, eMarketer now predicts “growth this year and in the near future to be faster than our previous forecast predicted.” By 2019 there will be 1.5 billion tablets used globally, just a little less than the 2 billion smartphones predicted to be in use by 2018 (ok maybe half a billion is more than a “little” less, but with numbers that large it does seem to be a small difference). As noted in a previous bullet, people like watching video on tablets more than other digital formats. In Western Europe there will be 200.3 million tablet users which is about 48% of the population expected in 2018.
  4. Video advertising gets cross. In the US, 51% of digital video ads will be cross device campaigns. Recognising how people use multiple devices throughout the day, advertisers are deliberately creating campaigns to be cohesive on all devices. But only 13% say they will use advanced metrics to analyse success of those campaigns. And by advanced that means looking at the data across all the devices they ran the campaign on. Instead “Brand impact” was the main measure of success reported by those in the survey. Figuring out how to do cross device metrics is certainly going to be a challenge. But it’s something advertisers will need to figure out as marketing becomes more complex and grows across platforms.
  5. No more cookies. In a cross platform, multiscreen world, the cookie is all but obsolete. Digital marketing has relied on cookies to keep track of consumer behaviour while they browse the web. But with multiple devices, operating systems, and even connected but non-web devices it becomes more difficult to market to people based on their behaviour or history. That’s because many of these devices don’t support the cookie, and even if they did how can you align their smartphone cookie to the cookie from their laptop? At the moment there’s no standard for a replacement that identifies an individual from device to device, or app to app. This is something marketers will need to figure out as the technology and processes evolve.

So there you have it. These are five of the key facts video marketers need to know about multiscreen campaigns according to eMarketer’s roundup. If you want to read their full report, you can find it here. If you’re ready to find out more about delivering video on multiple screens, we’re here to answer your questions. Simply click our live chat, email or call us to see how we can help.

Oliver Burt

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