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5 facts that prove young people are obsessed with mobile video

5 facts that prove young people are obsessed with mobile videoIt isn’t any secret that younger generations tend to adopt technology much faster than the older ones. They drive the adoption and advances that everyone, eventually, will enjoy at some point. This seems especially true when it comes to mobile devices and mobile video.

A recent NPD study, Smartphone and Tablet Usage Report, revealed 81% of US smartphone users stream video on their mobiles. They also said that the increase in video streaming was being driven by users under the age of 25. Here are five more facts (from the NPD report, unless otherwise stated) that prove how young people are paving the way to more mobile video growth for all of us.

  1. Users under the age of 25 spend twice as much time streaming from YouTube or Netflix on their mobiles when compared to users over the age of 25. I watch Netflix all the time on my iPad, but rarely on my mobile. My son though, watches YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime on my mobile or his all the time! He’s so comfortable with the small screen for video, while I prefer the larger screens. Is the difference a screen size preference in general, or something else do you think?
  2. Younger viewers consume a whopping 6.2 GB of data every month for video streaming on average. Users over 25 only get to about 4.9 GB, which really is still quite a bit for video. These numbers combine Wi-Fi and mobile data amounts. Recently I got my son a mobile. Silly me had also just reduced the size of my data plan because the rest of my family never came close to the amount I was paying for. But within days of getting him his phone we had reached our limit! Thankfully, I’m able to set limitations on his mobile data so it won’t happen again, but I can testify that a younger person watching video consumes a ton of data.
  3. Video streaming is the top application used over mobile data. On average 3 GB of data is used per month, driven mostly by younger users. This is just data that counts against a mobile contract and not what gets streamed over a Wi-Fi connection. “Smartphone users now rely on cellular data more than ever”, according to an article on reviewing the NPD report. Networks are introducing more data friendly, large data capacity plans all the time. Perhaps we’ll eventually end up with unlimited data being the norm, just as unlimited text messaging is more standard now than in years past.
  4. 52% of millennial smartphone users enjoy video calling. It isn’t all just about watching movies or viral videos. Sorry to keep inserting personal examples, but my son seems to live on Skype. He video calls his friends while they play Minecraft mostly. Also he talks to other family members via Skype. Of course Skype isn’t the only video calling app used for this statistic, but it is probably one of the most popular (I’m guessing, the summary report didn’t say).
  5. Younger generations are turning away from “old” computers and laptops. The NPD report says, “Millennials are using computers less often, and their behavior shifts are impacting more than just entertainment. Fewer Millennials reported using their computer for web browsing, email, shopping, Facebook, music, posting pictures or videos, navigation and Twitter”. While there are no numbers listed in the summary press release, the trend isn’t surprising. I even know quite a few over 25’s that are ditching their laptop in favor of tablets and mobiles – at least for recreation.

Do you have any doubt about the future of mobiles and mobile video now? Will we see the day when computers and laptops are considered quaint? Let us know your predictions in the comments.

Oliver Burt

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