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3 reasons why your video is failing

video failingYou’ve worked hard on your videos. You’ve posted them online and checked regularly to see how they are performing. But so far, they appear to be miserable failures, or some of them anyway. What went wrong?

While there are many possibilities, here are three questions to ask to find out why your videos don’t get seen and your analytics look abysmal.

Does anyone know your video exists? Just like any other web content, your video doesn’t magically appear in front of anyone. You have to take the time to make sure the search engines (Google mostly) can find the video. Many people think that posting to YouTube is a sure fire way to get viewers. But that isn’t necessarily true, especially if you don’t already have a huge presence on YouTube. And if youself host your video using a service like PlanetStream, it’s important to make sure you do everything you can for SEO so people can find it. Sharing links on social media can be an important way to get noticed as well.

Is it useful? Even when people find your video, will they think its worth watching? People watch videos for a reason. They want to learn something, or be entertained. Often businesses make the mistake of creating a sales video which offers little value to the viewer.  Others create helpful content but package it in such a way viewers don’t watch long enough to see it. This can be due to a poorly written description, or an introduction that makes it appear uninteresting. So design your videos to provide content your audience will find valuable as well follow best practices to make them draw the viewer in from the first second.

Are your videos the right length? There is a lot of debate about how long videos should be. The answer is they should be as long as your viewers will watch. It could be your videos are too long. Many people just won’t even start a video if they see it is over a minute or two. It could be your videos are too short too if your audience is looking for detailed content they don’t believe they can get in just a minute. Experiment with length and vary it by type of video (how-to, review, brand building, etc.) to see what works best.

The answers to these questions can help you figure out what you need to do to make your videos perform to their best. But don’t just ask them once. Make them an integral part of your creation process and you should have more successes than failures in the future.

Oliver Burt

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