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The Secret to Getting Your Video Seen

You’ve made that great video, loaded it up on your website, and then you stare at the view counter waiting for it to go up. But just like anything put up on the web, no one will see it if they don’t know it’s there. Making sure the search engines can see your video is important, but a study by BI Intelligence indicates there’s something else even more important.

BI Intelligence studied video consumption in the U.S. and found that Facebook was the fastest growing video viewing platform in the previous ten months. In fact, they looked at all video consumed and evaluated how much of it was “social video” – video that was influenced by social media during any part of its creation. According to this article on Business Insider, social video “eclipsed non-social video on the Web in audience size”.

This chart from the article shows Facebook and Twitter dominate social video sharing in the U.S.

social video chart

The study also indicated that video on mobile devices are primarily discovered through social media channels. The trend of social video on mobile devices is expected to grow with the mobile market.

And while no one has yet cracked the secret of creating a viral video, it’s clear that massive social sharing is the key to igniting the fire behind the frenzy.

So the lesson here is clear – make sure your videos are easily shared. Include a “Share this” option with links for the most popular social networks: Facebook and Twitter at a minimum. The PlanetStream player makes this easy – simply check the box to enable sharing when you use our easy tool to build the player code for your website.

Also, don’t wait for your viewers to start the sharing. Announce every new video on your social media channels (you are using social media aren’t you?).  Tweet interesting facts or snippets from the video. Unless you already have a long list of followers, starting the sharing yourself can help speed the process.

Do you have a social video success story? We’d love to hear how about it in the comments.

Oliver Burt

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