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Don’t be sly with your video ads

Brand related words in word tag cloud isolated on whiteIn an effort to get people’s attention, well-meaning advertisers create videos they think people will watch. Sometimes that means starting the video with some very interesting (not in a good way) scenes. People will click the skip or close button as soon as they’re able so they can continue with what they were doing. How can you create video ads people don’t click skip on right away? Brand it, according to one study.

Visible Measures’ study showed video ads that were branded had 70% more views in Q1 2015 than in Q1 2014. That means the ad started with the brand front and centre, or nearly so. The viewers knew what product or company they were watching an ad for, so they watched more.

So if you’re trying to be clever and not putting branding on your video ads in the beginning, another study by Strata says you should probably change your approach. When asked how long it takes a viewer to recognise the brand in the video ad, over 41% of people said they hit the skip button before they even saw the brand. That means those videos didn’t take advantage of branding their videos at the beginning, so people never even saw the product or company name.

Of course for many viewers, seeing the brand name doesn’t mean they will watch. The Strata study showed that almost 40% of viewers skip a video ad simply because they are in a hurry. So these viewers that only see a few seconds before skipping won’t see your brand. But, if you switched your video to include your branding in the beginning, then they would catch a glimpse of your brand. They may not know who you are, what products or services you provide, but your name or logo will likely become familiar to them if they watch videos frequently. That, at least, is something in a world where people are inundated constantly by information. It’s not exactly subliminal advertising, but it will place a seed of recognition in their brain that might just grow later on.

Then again, seeing your brand – if done in an interesting way – might just get them to watch if the trend for branded videos continues. It’s certainly worth testing to see if your views go up with branding at the front of your videos. Do you agree?

Oliver Burt

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