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Still Thinking in Terms of Mobile vs Desktop?

If you’re still in the mindset of desktop computers versus mobile platforms it’s probably time to stand up, stretch, and get ready for the next round of change. Mobile vs desktop is no longer the issue.

A recent study from the U.S. shows that “mobile” is no longer a catch all term. Fragmentation is going beyond the form factor – tablets vs. smartphones vs. basic phones.

mobile-vs-desktop-chartThis graphic from shows how the form factor of mobile devices is becoming more varied as more devices are offered on the market.

But the issue of size is just the beginning. Now that mobile devices are becoming a standard part of society, people are figuring out how to use them best.

According to Business Insider, tablet shopping accounted for about 50% of mobile sales in the U.S. by the end of 2013. It turns out that tablets are becoming the favourite online shopping tool – even more popular than the desktop when shopping at home. People love to sit back and shop from their couch and the large form factor of the tablet makes it easy. For smartphones, people use them more often on the go (as well as at home) when shopping in a retail store. They use it for comparison shopping on the spot, for coupon redemption, or impulse shopping based on ads from local retailers.


And not surprisingly, the larger form factor tablets are also considered best for viewing media like movies. But smartphones are used more often than tablets to view user generated video content. By 2017 66% of all mobile Internet traffic is predicted to be video regardless of form factor.

The message of this data is clear, how online video (including ads for shopping) is viewed and by whom continues to change. And while the amount of video is increasing in all “mobile” form factors, the tablet experience is much different than a smartphone.

So as the fragmentation of form factor and behavior continues, how will you sort what formats to use for your online video?

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Oliver Burt

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