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Streaming faith based holiday services

streaming church servicesA study of faith based organisations showed almost 50% of respondents think using digital media to communicate with members is a critical part of their strategy to stay engaged and remain relevant.

This is probably true, especially during religious holidays when people are more apt to be looking for services and their community. But while holiday services are important to members, not all may be able to physically make it to the event.

One heartfelt story from the Temple Judea, in Los Angeles California, recounts a woman who watched a live stream of the High Holiday service. The woman was dying from cancer and was too ill to go to the services. It was the first time she’d missed them in her life. Her cousin reported that being able to watch the services gave her comfort in her final days. Providing alternative means for viewing and participating in services can help members feel like a part of the community, even when they can’t be there.

During the holidays, membership often swells, pushing physical limitations of the facilities. Streaming the religious services to a nearby location, perhaps even on the same property, provides more room for people to attend. In this case they can still benefit from special event with the community, and feeling the love and support that often accompanies the gatherings.

Many organisations are using streaming for more than live broadcasts. Pre-recorded sermons, choir or music performances, special inspirational topic discussions, and even children’s holiday plays are all ways to reach out to an existing community. They can also bring the message to a broader global community when posted on faith-based organisation’s websites for on demand viewing.

The study mentioned earlier went on to say that 1/3 of respondents say that streaming is technically difficult – especially to mobile devices. Yet, providing content to digital devices is critical to staying engaged with the younger demographics.

At PlanetStream, we’ve helped many non-profit and faith-based organisations become successful streaming both live and on demand content. The technical issues really don’t have to stand in your way of getting started. We’ll help you in every step along the way. If you want to hear how we can help, contact us today at 01905 672593 or use the contact form at the bottom of our website.

Oliver Burt

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