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Streaming music takes over the music industry

streaming musicWe spend a lot of time focusing on streaming video in our blog. But streaming isn’t all about video. Here’s a look at a huge streaming industry and opportunity: streaming music.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) released its annual report on the state of the UK music industry with some incredible statistics. In 2014, there were 14.8 billion songs streamed. They estimate that is about 560 for every UK household. Overall, streaming music totalled 12.6% of music consumption. That’s about double what it was in 2013.

It’s clear people are turning more and more to online streaming services over traditional CDs or even digital downloads (though these still did well in 2014). In 2015 two major streaming services are set to start: Apple Beats, and Google YouTube’s Music Key. BPI suggests these two will increase the consumption of streaming music even more.

Another side of all this is an opportunity for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a DJ. Or for anyone that has wanted to start a radio station. Streaming music online is quite easy to do, and compared to a terrestrial radio station, the costs are minimal.

But in order to stream music you’ll need to get a proper license. What kind of licence and the cost varies depending on the type of streaming you’ll do and how much money you’ll make (if any) over the course of a year. But the process is fairly straightforward, without the nightmare regulations you’ll find in the US.

The good news is that if you play your own original music you don’t need a license. If you play only local music where you have the permission of the copyright holder, you may not need a license. It’s best to check the PRS for Music website to find out what licenses you may need and how much they will cost.

Whether you want to play your own original music, a genre specific niche music selection, or an eclectic mix we can help you get started. Chat, email, or phone us with your questions so you can start streaming those songs you love.

Oliver Burt

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