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Better than ever: The new, improved PlanetStream

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We’re proud to announce our new website is officially launched! And along with it we’ve added some new features and improved others. Here’s what you’ll find at the new and improved PlanetStream:

Forever free account – Our Freemium level account offers you the option to stream for free. It’s not a trial. It’s not limited in functionality. It’s simply free and perfect for users with low bandwidth requirements. Find out more here.

Simplified website – We’ve worked hard to make sure everything you need is easy to find and easy to understand.

Works on anything player – We’ve updated our custom player to work on every platform or device. And we’ve made it easier to use than ever before. See it all here.

Learning library – White papers, special reports, and glossaries on topics and terms to help you understand streaming. Read more here.

Help finding video production teams – We’ve improved our directory making it easier to find a video production team when you need one. And if you’re a video production company, it’s simple to submit your company to our list. See more here.

Even better UK based support team – We’re more focused than ever on making sure you get the support you need to ensure your streaming is a success. We’re always just a call or email away.

So why not take a look around and then give us a call. Sign up for a free account today and we’ll show you why PlanetStream is the best choice for your content streaming.

Oliver Burt

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