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New Streaming Video Alliance aims to improve video for everyone

streaming video allianceHave you ever wondered why some streaming videos work and some don’t? Maybe you’ve noticed a particular video or service works better on your iPad than your laptop. Perhaps the app on your tablet works just fine, but video won’t play when you try it in the browser.

As good as online video has become, it’s still tricky. There are so many different aspects to the experience it is sometimes amazing it works at all. But a new organisation has emerged with a mission to make online streaming great for everyone.

The Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) announced its formation and 17 founding members from all parts of the streaming video industry from hardware and networking vendors to content providers. Their goal is to improve collaboration all the throughout the video streaming chain so users can have a consistent experience as the amount of video continues to grow in the coming years.

Specifically they hope to do three things. First, create an open architecture that defines the specifications of the infrastructure used for cloud-based streaming for on-demand and live video streaming. Second they want to improve the quality of experience for everyone by defining ways to measure, optimise and report on video performance. And third, they want to work to enhance interoperability in the industry to support the continued growth of video, in particular HD video.

It will be interesting to see how they can improve video across the board for everyone. Oftentimes the issues are at the local consumer end. Low internet bandwidth, poor Wi-Fi connections, slow computers can all hurt the streaming experience.

Another question people have for the SVA is why Netflix and YouTube are not on the founding members list. Together they make up most of the video traffic around the world and they seem a curious omission. SVA answers the question by saying they are talking to many different organisations and many will be joining the group next year. But they don’t say who those organisations are.

We’ll have to wait and see if the SVA will achieve their lofty goals of improving streaming video for everyone. If you want to find out more, you can read about them on their website at

Oliver Burt

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