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Three reasons to choose PlanetStream over Vimeo

vimeoA relatively new name on the public video hosting scene is Vimeo. They offer a sleek interface compared to YouTube as well as a better set of tools to help you with your videos. Initially they might seem like a great place to host your videos. But here are some facts you may not yet know about Vimeo, and why a private service like PlanetStream might be the better choice for you.

1. Vimeo restricts content

Since Vimeo was founded by filmmakers, their purpose is to provide a platform for creative video from filmmakers, authors, musicians and other artists. Their community guidelines list what is deemed acceptable and what isn’t. But basically if you didn’t create it, you can’t upload it – even if you have permission to do so. Unless you are a Vimeo Pro account member of course. Then you can upload other’s content if you have the appropriate permissions

If you fail to properly annotate your video and your role in creating it, the video may suffer “accidental deletion”.

2. No commercial content for Vimeo and Vimeo Plus users

In order to officially use Vimeo for commercial purposes you need to purchase a Vimeo Pro account for about £120 per year. This offers a generous 20 GB of storage per week and unlimited plays of your video. But for many users, this cost is excessive for the amount of storage and video they would actually use.

If you try to upload something commercial without a Pro account your video will be “accidentally deleted”. And in some cases people have reported their non-commercial videos being deleted because the Vimeo staff determined it to be commercial. Exactly what “commercial” is to Vimeo isn’t well defined. For instance a songwriter can upload their music and offer it for sale. That’s not viewed as commercial by Vimeo because it is artistic and done by the creator of the music. Users have complained the determination of commercial is completely arbitrary.

3. Vimeo is really a social network

Vimeo views itself as a creative community and encourages people to follow and be followed by those with similar interests. They don’t want to be just a place you go to watch videos. So if your goal is to share and interact with others, then Vimeo may be a great place to host your videos. But if you’re less interested in spending time socialising and more interested in making sure your video looks good, can be seen by anyone, and can contain any content you need it to, then another option might make sense. Note, this isn’t about sharing your video content – that’s always encouraged and key to making sure your videos find the right viewers. But Vimeo expects its users to socialize with one another, or to become part of the community and participate. So making Vimeo “work” for you might mean spending all your free time watching someone else’s videos just so they’ll watch and share yours.

Adding it up

These three things add up to you not having total control over your content. And it is always at risk. A little researching on the web shows Vimeo’s deletion policy is often not “accidental”, but arbitrary depending on how the Vimeo team feels about the content of your video and the information you entered to describe it.

With PlanetStream’s services you have total control over your videos – the content, how it looks, the formats you use, where it’s hosted and who can see it. And we also offer two things that Vimeo doesn’t: live streaming and dedicated customer support to answer all your questions from how to get started to how to use advanced features. We’ll hold your hand or just point you in the right direction, whatever you need.

You can get started using our services right away for free. Our Freemium account offers streaming for free, forever. You can sign up online, or see all our pricing packages here.

Oliver Burt

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