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How to Use on Page Schema for Video SEO

When it comes to SEO for videos, it’s good to know all the tricks and tools. One of the recommended tools is on page schema as defined by A joint effort by the major search engines, offers a defined way to markup your page to describe the contents to the search engines. In the case of video, you’d use the “VideoObject” html tag to define the schema.

The HTML schema can be used alongside other search engine friendly files like sitemaps and RSS feeds.  Here’s an example from Google of what it can look like:

video seo markup

Not shown in this example is the item property “transcript”. It’s possible to embed the text of the transcript in the schema. This is a great way to include the full transcript (and the keywords used in the video) without having to take up valuable page space or link to another webpage or document.

video seo report

For SEO it’s usually recommended to have one page per video. Sometimes though, it makes sense to put related videos on the same page. The transcript property makes it possible to have multiple videos on the same page but still have enough metadata for the search engines to distinguish them.

You can find the full description of the VideoObject here at

Adding a transcript to your video page is just one of the ways you can improve the SEO of your videos. Our FREE special report, “5 Things You Need to Know About Video SEO”, can help you understand how video SEO works. It also lists specific things you can do to improve your search engine results – such as adding a transcript. You can download the report here, and discover your way to better rankings.

Oliver Burt

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