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When to use a Video Production Company for Your Streaming

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Video streaming is getting easier all the time. Many people find they can do it themselves with perhaps a little guidance from our streaming experts. But there are circumstances when you might benefit from working with a full video production company.

  • Large live events like annual corporate meetings or training sessions streamed to locations around the world. These might require multiple video and audio inputs as well as “extras” like captions or descriptive text added to a live stream.
  • Important personal events such as a wedding or graduation. You definitely don’t want to be worrying about the details of streaming on these occasions.
  • Videos requiring significant editing or preparation before being offered on demand. Online video commercials or training videos are examples that may need professional services before streaming.

In order to help our customers, we offer access to a video production directory. We validate every entry personally to ensure that the companies are legitimate (they actually exist, answer their phone, etc.). We also offer each company a chance to describe themselves for our customers by adding testimonials and media samples.

We’ve now started using a star rating system for the production companies. The range is from one to six stars. The more stars a company has, the more information they have provided. To get the maximum six stars a company must be a trusted PlanetStream partner. This means they have used PlanetStream services and we can vouch that they know what they’re doing.

So if you think you need professional assistance in capturing your event or creating your videos, check out our directory here. We appreciate feedback on the directory so please don’t hesitate to email us your thoughts at [email protected]. Equally, if you are a video production company and would like to be listed in the directory and learn more of how you can work with PlanetStream contact us for further discussion.

Oliver Burt

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