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Using Video to Increase Conversions: Part 1

video marketing statisticsAre you using video in your marketing yet? If the answer is no, you’ve got to get started. If you are, then cheers! But there may be ways of using it that you haven’t thought of yet that can increase your conversion rates.

In this two part series I’ll look at the impact of using video on landing pages and in emails (yes, emails). There are some staggering statistics regarding both you’ll probably find very interesting.

So let’s get started by talking about landing pages.

What is a landing page?

What landing pages are exactly is much discussed on the web. If you Google “What is a landing page” you’ll get a definition box saying:

the section of a website accessed by clicking a hyperlink on another web page, typically the website’s home page.”

Well, that sounds like pretty much any web page, anywhere. I mention this because when you’re talking about landing pages and conversion rates it’s important to make sure we’re talking about the same thing.  The marketer Hubspot defines a landing page as one that contains a form and only exists to gather visitor information through the form.

That definition is closer, but I’d add a landing page can also be used to make a sale, not just gather information. But that doesn’t mean every page on Amazon is a landing page. A landing page used to make a sale will be a specifically written page using copywriting techniques to persuade the visitor to buy right then and there. And it’s the persuade part, plus the urgency, that makes it different from any old product description page.

That makes the key to identifying a landing page is that it is designed to persuade someone to take immediate action – buy something or provide their information via a form. When someone does either (depending on the call to action on the page) then you have a successful conversion.

Why videos help landing page conversion

According to a report on, 96% of consumers consider video useful. Providing useful content your visitors want – a video – is just what it takes to help them make the decision to take action.

The report also says what three types of video are watched most often:

  • Instructional – Think how-to type of videos focused on whatever you’re landing page is about. This can be a quick demonstration of how to register for a free trial, how to operate a piece of equipment, or anything your visitors might ask how to do.
  • Product and services – In these videos try and show the product in action, so don’t just make a video of a data sheet. Use what you know your customers ask about and build videos around those questions.
  • Humorous – People love to laugh. It puts them at ease and makes them happy. If you’ve ever worked in retail,  you’ll know it’s much easier to sell to happy people than grumpy ones. If you can manage to add humour into your videos, you’ll improve your chances of visitors watching and taking action.

In fact, adding video is almost certain to improve your conversions. Marketing firm Brafton performed  A/B testing comparing a text landing page, with the same page with the addition of a video. They concluded that the odds of a landing page with video outperforming a text only version is 99%.

Actual reported increases in conversion are all over the map. I’ve read of cases where the improvement is 20%. But more often the numbers are closer to several hundred. Once I even saw a company claiming a 2600% improvement in conversions just because they added a video to their page!

The case is pretty compelling that adding video to your landing page will most certainly improve conversion rates. But where else can you use video to improve conversions? Find out in Part 2 next week.

Oliver Burt

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