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Using Video to Increase Conversions: Part 2

email marketing using videoWhile you’ll often hear about the demise of email, it’s still alive and kicking for marketers. An infographic from shows that 76% of brands use email marketing for customer retention.  It also points out that the average consumer gets 416 commercial emails each month.

Even with the high volume consumers receive, it’s reported on the infographic that for every $1 spent on email marketing the return on investment is $44.25 (based on a U.S. survey).

Clearly there is money still to be made with email marketing, but how can you stand out in an inbox filled with other commercial offers?

Add video.

In Part 1 of this series we covered how much video is growing on the Internet. People just expect it. And some evidence shows they even prefer it in emails. shared a story of a company that increased their email click through rate by 300% when comparing emails with video and emails without.

That probably got your attention!

If you need more proof there’s a study reported on by Crazy Egg that showed when the word “video” was included in the subject line the open rate went up. When they compared open rates of emails with the word “video” to emails with the word “webinar”, video had a 20% better open rate.

How to add video

The content for a video in email should be keep short but useful. Blatant sales videos won’t do. Think of information that may help the people on your email list and create a video around that.

A running time of two minutes seems to be the trend for video (especially in emails), though longer video can work – just prepare your viewers by letting them know in the email it will be long (and prepare yourself for a possibly lower click rate because people will not want to spend the time and plan to come back later – then forget).

Most marketers embed a thumbnail image of the video into the email. This can work well if you host the video on a landing page specifically created for the campaign. But there are also marketers who’ve begun adding the actual video in to the email. But if you decide to embed the whole video, don’t include it as an attachment. Email programs still have file size limits, as well as playback issues regarding video. But if you use HTML5, most modern browsers will play the video fine.  You’ll still need to host the video somewhere and use progressive downloads to avoid file size limitations.

If you’re put off by the technical challenges of inserting the actual video into the email, we’d be happy to help you get started. Once it’s setup you’ll have no trouble using video for your emails!

Oliver Burt

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