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How to Create Video Content that Works

online video contentIn previous blogs I discussed how video helps ROI on website and landing pages in this two part series. Recently I also commented in this post about Aberdeen research on the subject. I thought it was worthwhile to go back to Aberdeen’s report and offer our take on their recommendations for creating video content with a high ROI.

First off, they point out that buyers are beginning to expect rich content saying “companies that can out-inform, out-entertain, and out-teach the competition will be the winners in this environment”. So how do you do that?

Create original content

First off, original content is the only way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Depending on your industry you may find previously created content you can put on your site. If you’re going to do that, don’t do it often. Chances are many others have done the same and you’ll be doing nothing to show buyers why they should choose you. Also, only original content can really work in concert with your other marketing, brand guidelines, and company objectives. Original is always best. The Aberdeen report also points out that creating original video content is more difficult than other types of content, but that the extra effort almost always pays off.

Keep it free to increase conversion

One of the easiest ways to generate leads online is to put information behind forms. Placing video behind forms, in most cases, doesn’t work well. This is because the conversion you want isn’t the email of someone wanting to watch your video, but the email, phone number or other information of someone who just watched your video and now is looking for more information. That buyer is more qualified than someone just curious what was in the video. So use video to drive conversions on your site, but not to be the conversion.

Integrate video metrics into lead scoring

A person who watches a full fifteen minute video on how to use your product or service, and then requests information is likely to be a more qualified lead than someone who doesn’t watch the video or stops after a minute. You may have to play with the data on video watching behavior in your lead scoring before you can accurately say what the impact is for a qualified lead. Is someone who watched the whole video more qualified than someone who made it half way through, a quarter, three quarters? Where that line is drawn will likely depend on many things, but you’ll only know if you examine the metrics.

Get organized

Aberdeen found that the more organised a company was about video production and management, the better the quality of their videos. Overall, those companies were more successful because they were also better at tracking performance. If using video is a large part of your content marketing strategy (and it should be) look into video management solutions to help keep the process simple and quality high.

I’d say Aberdeen was spot on about how to make the most of your video content to improve ROI. Do you have any other suggestions? Please share in the comments.

Oliver Burt

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