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Get your video ready for the holiday season

get video ready for holiday seasonIt’s November already. Isn’t it amazing how fast the time can sneak up on you and suddenly you have a whole new holiday season to prep for?

This year, you should definitely have video on your to-do list. And that video had better work on mobile devices.

Mobile and video by the numbers

You already know that mobile usage is growing fast (you’d have to live under a rock not to know). But the numbers that prove it are pretty astounding. According to eMarketer, sales from mobile devices (mcommerce) will reach around £50B this year and top £96B in 2019.

Mcommerce also has a larger percentage of the total ecommerce retail sales. It’s predicted to be about 22% of ecommerce sales this year and 28% by 2019.

So there’s more mobile and more sales. But there’s also more video.

Almost 50% of video plays are on a mobile device. Analytics company Shareablee reported that engagement on video content grew an incredible 255% in the first half of 2014 (engagement is determined by social shares). I didn’t find more recent numbers than that, but overall video statistics from multiple sources show it’s gaining in mobile usage and shows no signs of slowing.

What Google says

Google know everything. They really do. They have access to unbelievable amounts of data. Thankfully they share their insights into trends (when it suits them) so the rest of us can make use of the data too.

They recently put out an infographic about holiday shopping trends and it had a heavy focus on video. Being Google, much of what they wrote related to YouTube, but their insights I think apply to video in general, so here are the key points about people who use videos to help them shop for the holidays:

  • 80% of people watched product reviews and ratings
  • 68% preferred to see videos from “people like me”
  • 45% preferred to see videos from experts
  • Overall, Google says videos from peers hold the biggest influence

What can we make of those trends? People need help making decisions, and they turn to video to help them. And they watch those videos on their mobiles at least half the time.

What type of video should you use?

If Google is to be believed, then some of the best video content for this season isn’t something you can create. Well you can, but it might be easier not to. Authentic customer generated video is likely to trump most videos you create in your marketing department when it comes to helping people make decisions. That’s because they want to hear about your products from other people like them. That doesn’t mean you have no control over the video, just that your customers are doing much of the creative work. You can check out last weeks blog which was all about user generated content to find out more.

Beyond having your customers create video for you, another way to help shoppers decide to buy your product is to create videos that answer their questions. Brainstorm, take a survey, interrogate sales or customer reps and find out what sorts of questions people have about your products. Then create some videos to answer those questions. If you can make a 30 second video that shows someone how your product can do that one thing they need to know it can do, then you improve the odds of a sale (during the holidays and probably long after).

So how-to or problem solving videos are great all year round, but they could make a bigger impact around the holiday season.

Obviously a good video marketing strategy will have a mix of content types. But during the shopping frenzy of the holiday season, it might be worth listening to Google and posting more videos to help people make those tough gift giving decisions.

Oliver Burt

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