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Where should you host lead generating videos?

video hostingLast week I wrote about using video for lead generation. This week I tackle a related topic – where you should host those videos.

First, let’s list the options of where to host. For many people that list is short: YouTube, and everywhere else. And by everywhere else they mean other public hosting platforms like Vimeo. But they’d be missing a huge chunk of video hosting done on private platforms like PlanetStream. So for our purposes, let’s make the list short too: Public (mostly YouTube) and private platforms (or CDNs).

When you consider what you are trying to achieve with these videos – lead generation – there shouldn’t even be a question of whether to use public or private hosting. But given that’s our business, you might say we’re a little biased (and we are). So take a look at what some others have pointed out on the subject.

This is an excerpt from an article on

“Your videos need a permanent home on your website so you’ll want to find the best place to put them. Vimeo, Brightcove, YouTube, and other video hosting sites are an option. However, they might not be your best choice if you want to retain complete control over your content and what ads (if any) are shown alongside it.”

As the article points out, these hosting sites retain some form of control over your video – how it looks, what ads are played, suggested videos, or even the look of the player. Granted you can purchase plans that remove some of the issues, but you’ll still never have complete control.

The second quote is from in an article entitled: 2015 Will Be the Year of Video Marketing.

“YouTube is a great channel for distributing videos. It can help you expand your reach and attract new audiences. But it should not be the only place you distribute your content, nor should it be the hosting platform for videos embedded on your own website and across other social networks.”

There, they said it. Unequivocally you shouldn’t use YouTube to host videos on your own website. They go on to explain why:

“Though YouTube offers a very affordable solution for video hosting, it lacks the tools you need to make video an integrated part of your digital brand and content marketing programs, and it doesn’t offer the data and tools you need to turn video assets into valuable marketing tools.”

Between these two statements we can gather the advantages of using a CDN video streaming service to host your own video for lead generation:

  • You have total control of the viewing experience
  • You choose whether there are ads or not, and what they are
  • There aren’t any lists of unrelated videos displayed next to or at the end of your video
  • Generally you can also control the look and feel of the players (definitely can if you use your own player) so it matches your website
  • You’re free to integrate it into your website, analytics, and marketing automation in whatever way you choose

If you’re looking to use video for lead generation in 2015, do you agree that self-hosting (via CDN) is the best method to use? Would you do it differently?

Oliver Burt

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