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The most important thing to know about marketing with video in 2015

video asked 21 of the industry’s leading personalities to predict what 2015 would bring for content marketing.  Surprisingly few of them mention video marketing specifically though. And if they did, it was in passing. If you take a look at the article though, and scroll down to the comments you’ll find many more people predict that video will be the primary form of content in 2015.

Another article with predictions, this one from did mention video marketing being more important in 2015 because rich content will take over for traditional written content.

In both articles there was one common theme that stood out to me:  brands need to get personal.

Everyone now is generating content. That makes it harder and harder to differentiate yourself online. But by creating content that is more personal you will be able to break through all the noise and get people’s attention.

DJ Waldo from Marketo says “we’ll begin to see more marketers incorporate human-speak into their messaging – videos, pictures, humour, and human!” This lines up with some of the other predictions found on They’ve coined the term “storymonials” which are video testimonials that tell a story and help engage customers.

So how can you create company videos that are personal? Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Take videos of people. These can be employees, management, or customers (in their storymonials). Use impromptu video if you can, but if it is scripted make sure it feels genuine and something the real people would say.
  2. Be funny. Relax and tell your story like a real person would, jokes and all. Just keep your audience in mind. Body humour probably won’t work on elderly women looking for tea, but it might work on male university students searching for their next pint.
  3. Create a visual story with an emotional appeal. Still images of people, places and animals can work in videos too provided they are tied all together with a story that touches peoples hearts or minds. If you’ve ever seen the fundraising videos for the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) you’ll know this to be true.

Try to incorporate these ideas into your marketing videos for 2015 and see how well your videos can perform. If you have questions about how to get started in video marketing or what you need to know about hosting your videos, we’d be happy to talk with you. Grab us on live chat, email or call and our video streaming experts will answer your questions.

Oliver Burt

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