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Video marketing from GoPro that doesn’t look like marketing

GoPro video marketingRecently I watched a series of videos from a company called GoPro.  The variety of content they have is astounding, but there is one video that stood out to me. It left me wondering, is it a promo for an amazing camera or is it a special on lions in the African Serengeti?

GoPro sent a crew to follow Kevin Richardson – also known as the Lion Whisperer – on a journey through the habitat as he visited animals he’d come to know personally. And by personally I mean he received hugs from the lions when he arrived. He not only survives but is treated like a member of the pride. It turns out he saved some lions when they were young. He raised them, but out in the wild. You really have to see it to believe it.

While I watched this, I did notice the infrequent cut of the video to show the GoPro logo. But it was fairly integrated and didn’t feel forced. In fact, it usually came at a time when I was wondering how it was they were able to capture all the video, from all those different angels. And also helped answer what camera is it that can survive being chewed on by a lion? Where were those cameras?

As the video goes on you do notice the small cameras attached to Richardson’s shirt, and placed around the area where he’s relaxing with the lions. You also catch glimpses of them from the camera crews in the car, or even from a wire cage another crew uses to follow him when he’s out with the hyenas. Yes, he also whispers to hyenas too apparently. This is the first video of hyenas that made me realise how cute they can be, despite their reputation.

It’s this kind of video that markets the GoPro product – a small, high quality, rugged camera – while not trying to market it. By the end I felt as if I’d watched a public service piece on the plights of lions and shrinking habitats. The video served a purpose other than to promote their cameras, but in turn did just that. The viewer wonders what they could do with these cameras. After all, they survive the curiosity of a lion offering a wonderful view of the inside of his mouth. I think they could survive whatever I might want to do with it. And the quality is amazing.

And with over 25 million views, I would guess the video is a success. Both in educating about lions and raising awareness of the GoPro product. Sometimes subtle is best.

Oliver Burt

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