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Why video marketing is critical for any business (Part 4)

A couple with a credit card and a laptop at homeWe’ve seen how video enhances your website, gets you more visitors and encourages them to spend more of their time on your site in the first three blogs of this series. While those are all good, you might still be asking “So what? Will video help me make more money for my business?”

Yes. Yes it will.

One of the amazing things about video is how it can increase sales. According to Hubspot, people are 64% more likely to make a purchase when there’s video.

An article on quotes a study that found shoppers who viewed a video on a webpage were 1.6 times more likely to purchase than those that did not see a video.

While neither source quoted the specifics of the studies, it goes to reason that the videos people saw related to the products they were shopping for at the time. What sort of videos? Here’s a list of ideas that have been shown to work:

  • Product demonstrations – Shopping on the web is great, but sometimes people still want to see the items. A video showing the product in action, an overview of the purpose and how it works, or even a short promo like an ad can help fill the need of the shopper who wants to see it before buying. If they are satisfied by the video, then they’re more likely to click the buy button. If not, they may still buy but visit a brick and mortar store – which may or may not be yours.
  • How-to videos – People are looking at products online because they have a problem and need a solution. Whether it’s something to wear to an important meeting, or a new TV because they can’t stream video on their old one, they want something to help fix their problem. Creating videos that show how your products can solve a particular problem is a sure way to convince them you have what they need. That means you might have multiple videos for a single product. Each of them can address a particular problem your product solves, thereby showing the viewer you have the solution they want.
  • Testimonials – You probably already are aware of how testimonials can increase sales by instilling confidence in a buyer. Written reviews and star ratings are great, but including video reviews and testimonials by people who actually have used your product takes that credibility to a whole new level. These videos help answer why someone would buy the product from you rather than someone else. The best part of these videos is that you don’t have to create them, your customers do!

Videos can improve sales if you have them embedded alongside your products. But can video help you on channels besides your website? Come back for the next blog in the series to find out.

Oliver Burt

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