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Why video marketing is critical for any business (Part 5)

video marketing by emailBy now you’re convinced how important video content is to your business (you are, aren’t you?). In the previous blogs in this series I’ve talked about how videos on your website and landing pages improve sales, reduce bounce rates by keeping people on your site longer, and increase conversions on pages with video. But is video marketing only about your website?

No, it’s not. In this blog I’ll go over how you can use videos in your emails too.

People are inundated with email these days. I know I get hundreds per day, but I only read just a handful of these. The rest get deleted or filed away for later (which usually never comes). So if you want your email to be read, you need to stand out. The subject line is one of the best ways to do that, but studies have shown that adding video to an email improves results too.

A study of companies using videos in their emails reports:

  • 55% had higher click through rates
  • 44% had longer engagement times
  • 41% noticed an increase in sharing or forwards of the emails

These percentages are all compared to email campaigns run without video, so the improvements were attributed to adding video to emails.

Marketing automation company Eloqua, shared that they reduced subscriber opt-outs by 75% when they included video in the first introductory email sent. Another case study from Marketing Sherpa also showed impressive results: adding video to email doubled the click through rates compared to the same email without it. Forrester reported companies saw click through rates increase 200-300% when video was added to emails.

Email may not have been the first place you thought of adding video to your marketing, but these reports and examples certainly make the case for doing so. Most of the time, the video itself isn’t actually in the email. Instead a thumbnail , usually with the play button on it (so it looks like a video) is included. Text is kept to a minimum so the reader’s focus is all on the video. Then when the reader clicks on it to play the video they are taken to a landing page where the video begins to autoplay.

Including the word “video” in the subject line also helps to let people know there is a video in the email. Just like for all email marketing though, the subject line text should be tested and refined over time for emails with videos to discover if including the word works for your particular list.

Where will this video marketing series go next? Where everyone is going: mobile.

Oliver Burt

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