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Why video marketing is critical for any business (Part 6)

mobile vs desktop ecommerce trafficThis final blog installment focuses on what is arguably the most important channel for businesses: mobile. Smartphone penetration in the UK is predicted to reach 90% by 2016. Mobile sales were up 52% year over year in April. People are using their mobiles for research and purchases in greater numbers.

Video is one of the best ways to reach people on mobile devices. Here’s why:

  • Traditional websites are generally text oriented, even when they use images. The marketing message is conveyed in the text and the graphics help support that message. The trouble is that all that text doesn’t look good on a mobile screen. Even mobile friendly sites generally have abbreviated text that can still be hard to read – and worse, hard to understand the messaging.
  • Mobile sites often have limited or difficult to use/find navigation. If someone wants to browse your website they might give up because it takes too much time or effort. I usually look for the “Full site” or “Go to full site” link many websites have at the bottom of the mobile page. It may not look pretty, but if it’s a website I’m familiar with I’m able to get what I want quicker than struggling with mobile navigation.

Using video makes it easier to reach mobile consumers because all they need to see is the video thumbnail and the play button. They know what to do, there’s no searching for navigation, and your message is delivered in an easily consumed form.

As I mentioned in part 1 of this series, humans are drawn to video because of the movement and sound. We understand information shown to us in video much more so than when we simply read or hear it because we process visual input so much faster than language.  This makes video and mobile the perfect pair.

Everything I’ve discussed in this six part series makes the case that your business should be using video marketing. If you didn’t read the whole series, check it out and see how video can bolster your marketing from landing pages to email to mobile.

Oliver Burt

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