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3 Tips on using a video production team to create your video

video production tipsCreating video is becoming easier and easier to do – technically speaking. But there is a lot of creativity that goes into creating videos too. While there are many great do-it-yourself solutions, sometimes you really want to let the experts create your vision.

So here are three tips to keep in mind when you are deciding what video production company to choose.

Figure out what kind of video you want

The first step is to watch a lot of videos. Then choose a selection that you like and want to emulate for one reason or another. Maybe it’s the use of music, or the graphics, or the script, or the entire presentation of all of it together. If you can, make a list of what it is you do like about those videos and what you want that is similar.

For example, does your video have to include live people or do you want to use animation? If you choose animation, are you ok with a “slide show” type approach or do you want a full custom animation that is as far away from a slide show as possible? If you choose real live people, do you care who they are? Will they be from your own staff or do you want to hire professional actors too?

Once you have a few samples of what you want your video to look like, and a list of the key aspects you need, you’ll be in a much better position to narrow down the long list of potential candidates. Research companies in your area and see if they have portfolios of similar type videos, then interview the ones you like the best.

Know what creative skills you need

Arguably, the script is the most important part of a video. You need to know what you want it to be about before you ever capture a single second of video. When you contact a production company, you’ll need to know what the goal of your video is and have at least a bullet list of what needs to be covered.

If you have someone on staff that is talented at writing scripts consider yourself lucky. Otherwise you’ll need to find a production team that offers script writing too, or at least works with writers to help craft scripts for their clients. Perhaps you want a single team from one company that does it all. Maybe you’ll contribute the script yourself, or are comfortable with outsourcing through the production company.

Whatever option you choose, don’t skimp on the script. It’s been said that a good script can save a bad video, but a great video can’t save a bad script.

Understand the mechanics of how you’ll work together

In any creative project there are plenty of opportunities to miscommunicate, fall behind on schedule, or go over budget. Making sure you have a defined process for providing feedback, answering questions, and reviewing files prior to starting can avoid, or at least limit any issues. While we tend to rely a lot on email, that may not be the best way to work with your video production team.

Emails can be delivered late or not at all. They can also get lost in a jumble of all the other emails you get every day. Video files are also quite large so sharing via email isn’t practical. Fortunately, there are plenty of online project management tools to help you keep all your communications in one place so you’ll never have to search through emails.

You may be willing to invite the production team into your existing project management software, or perhaps they already use one. If neither of these is true, then consider looking into services like Basecamp, Teamwork, or Zoho. The advantages these services provide over simple file sharing sites like Dropbox is they allow discussions (like emails only they are captured with the project files), scheduling, and notifications.

There is still a lot of planning and work to be done when using a video production team, but the results are often worth it. Follow these three tips and you’ll be off to a great start.

Oliver Burt

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