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Don’t forget your video sales funnel

video sales funnelContent marketing is tough. Why? Because creating content takes a lot of work, planning, and execution. And in the midst of all that creation and planning it’s sometimes easy to lose track of certain facts. For example, you may be cranking out how-to videos, product demonstrations and video testimonials (and a whole lot more!), but you may not be thinking about how to tie that content into the customer’s journey.

In B2B, as much as 80% of research is done before a prospect ever contacts a sales person. In the consumer market that number is closer to 98%. So while you’re busy creating the video for each stage of the buying process, try to remember to connect them together and make the buyer’s journey to purchase seamless.

So how can you do that? One great reference I’ve found is this article from It’s actually a couple of years old now, but the types of content people want to see hasn’t changed that much (though more of them want to see the content in video today than two years ago). Here are the recommendations from that article, and many others on the web.

Top of the funnel

At the top of the funnel you’re just getting people’s attention and raising brand awareness. The videos may or may not be on your own website. Each video though, should end with a call to action that drives the person further down the funnel. Maybe you just get them to visit your website where they can see other content. Or maybe you ask them to download a white paper or special report. Whatever it is, these types of videos are what generally work at this stage of the prospect’s journey:

  • How-to videos
  • Expert interviews
  • Fun videos about your company or people
  • Repurposed video from other marketing such as webinars

Middle of the funnel

Next, the middle of the funnel is where buyers are showing they are particularly interested in what you have to offer. They have the potential to be good leads. And if your content is good enough, they may actually become leads. But you need to make sure you provide the proper call to actions at the end of the videos. Maybe it’s a request to enter their email so they can receive a technical white paper, or an email series. But maybe it’s so they can see a series of instructional videos to answer their more detailed questions. The following kinds of video content are what mid-funnel prospects want to see:

  • Video case studies
  • In-depth product demonstrations
  • Video testimonials
  • Videos of special features that give you “an edge”

Bottom of the funnel

Towards the bottom of the funnel prospects are either ready to buy, or still researching to justify the decision they’ve made to buy from you. Obviously the videos you produce here are intended to either close the deal, or get the prospect to call a sales rep who can then close the deal. The calls to action then are either a direct link to buy, to request a sales consultation (depending on what your business is), or to sign up for a trial. Here are some types of videos that work great at this point in the funnel:

  • Nurturing campaigns
  • Videos created from or about your frequently asked questions

Post sales funnel

There’s lots of video content you can create to make sure the sale is a success even after it’s complete. Calls to action on these videos are related to contacting support if they have questions or issues. Or you might even put in a call to keep you in mind for their next purchase by offering special discounts or other incentives. It really does depend on what your business is and who your buyers are. The types of video generally seen post-sale are:

  • Instructional videos
  • Thank you and follow up videos from sales reps or company

These are just some examples of what sort of video content and calls to actions can work in a sales funnel. The main point is to be sure your content is placed at the right part of the funnel, and that you provide calls to action to keep prospects moving towards purchase.

Oliver Burt

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