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Video SEO: Three tips for higher Google rankings of your videos

For a while now everyone has known that social media sharing impacts Google search engine results. Only the folks at Google know exactly how it all works, but some studies have been done to try and figure it out.

One study from SearchMetrics looked at the correlation between search engine results and many of the possible factors used by Google. Not surprisingly, their 2013 report indicates that in the UK the top ten correlations are:

  1. video seo - improving google rankingsGoogle +1
  2. Number of backlinks
  3. Facebook shares
  4. Facebook total
  5. Facebook comments
  6. Facebook likes
  7. Tweets
  8. Pinterest
  9. Ø SEO-Visibility of backlinking URL
  10. % Backlinks rel=nofollow

Similar results were seen in the US 2013 report.

While these correlations don’t indicate a direct cause and effect, the conclusion Searchmetrics makes is that these factors are common to high ranking pages. And also that lower ranking pages do not have these factors.

So what does all this mean for video SEO? Mostly that you can’t ignore sharing if you want to rank well. Getting 10,000 likes doesn’t mean you’ll make page one of Google, but it’s an influencing factor.

Here are three tips on how to use sharing to increase your rankings:

  • Share on social networks as much as possible. Engage with followers to get them to share, like, or comment on your videos – especially on Google+.
  • Get backlinks by letting viewers embed the video on their site. You can’t control what the quality of that backlink is of course, but you can increase your number naturally.
  • Submit your video to RSS feeds. This improves your visibility and creates the potential for more sharing.

Remember, just announcing your video over social media isn’t enough. You need to get people engaged enough – or like your video enough – to share it, talk about it, embed it, etc. The results you’ll see will obviously depend on your market area, keywords, competition and if other SEO has been done on your video page.

And, keep track of what works for you, too. The Searchmetrics study averaged billions of data points to reach these correlations. In your niche, Twitter or Pinterest might have more influence than Facebook or Google+. No one really knows, except Google, of course.

Oliver Burt

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