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Are your videos worthy of sharing?

video sharingThere’s a lot of video sharing going on. It’s something we all want for our videos, but if you ever doubted how often videos are shared take a look at these numbers.

  • Every minute on Twitter, 700 YouTube video links are shared. That’s 42,000 per hour and just a smidge over 1 million per day.
  • When Instagram went live, over 5 million videos were shared within 24 hours.

Both of these data points are a couple of years old actually. But it’s hard to imagine less videos being shared on Twitter today especially considering other sources of video sharing such as Facebook and video streaming services like PlanetStream. So how can you get your video to be part of these statistics?

Some say it all depends on how your video ends.

People make the decision to share at the end of a video. And it’s the ending that leaves them feeling like “I’ve gotta share this!” or just feeling ho-hum. The types of endings that really encourage video sharing are surprise endings, or ones that are provocative, emotionally engaging or funny.

Even Maru, the famous YouTube cat has surprise endings. Check out his high-five video and you’ll see what I mean. I’m rather embarrassed to say I watched the whole thing, but I just had a feeling something had to happen at the end. And it does. It’s a surprise after watching 50 seconds of Maru playing high-five, but don’t cheat and go to the 50 second mark. The surprise will be lost on you.

But this isn’t another blog about cat videos, it’s about getting your video shared. When you plan your content, do your best to end the video in a way that will surprise your viewers. It will make them want to share the experience of watching with other people. When they do, you’ll get more brand awareness, visits to your site, or whatever action you want people to take after watching.

Of course you have to get viewers to watch your video before they can share it. Come back for the next blog and find out how to hook viewers with every video.

Oliver Burt

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